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How much cake do I need?

Our answer is “all of the cake”! As a guide though, keep reading…

Celebration cakes are a standard tier height of 10cm. Each tier is made of two separate cakes, filled with buttercream, ganache or your choice of filling.

This is worth noting as many cakes shown on the net, often have extra high tiers. Please note cakes higher than 10cm are more challenging to cut and serve and may not fit on standard dessert plates. Cakes with extra height are available for an additional cost.

“Coffee” sized portions are smaller serves, usually served, with coffee! They are 2.5cm x 2.5cm x 10cm.

“Dessert” sized portions are more generous serves. They are 5cm x 2.5cm x 10cm.

Please note the number of servings will always be dependent on the person cutting you cake!

Cake portion guide

Round Cakes Square Cakes
Cake Size Coffee size serves Dessert size serves Coffee size serves Dessert size serves
6” 20 10 30 15
7” 30 15 40 20
8” 40 20 55 25
9” 50 25 65 30
10” 65 30 85 40
12” 95 45 120 60